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Designs that cover all angles.

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landscapes : homes : workspaces
We build your dreams.

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We strongly believe to bring the best out of the space. We believe there should be more mechanical elements which can move or shift other than doors & windows. We, as architects believe your home should interact with you. So you and your home can stabilise a relation and help you out to avail required space when needed.
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Latest Project

Take a look at some of our premiere works.


Architecture services are commonly misinterpreted as a “luxury” rather than a need.


Architect for All is a need-based initiative which took shape primarily due to lack of awareness among people regarding architecture. We thus formulated a platform where we could display our works and show the world how a given space can be effectively utilized to bring dreams to reality. Our team comprises vastly experienced individuals who have a flair for resourceful and innovative use of space. We focus on optimum utilization of a given space to bring out the best in it irrespective of the dimensions.  

As qualified architects, we understand the need of finding the right balance of comfort, style, elegance, simplicity, and design appeal to create spaces that provide peace of mind to people working or dwelling within it.

"Architects can't force people to connect. They can only plan crossing points, remove barriers and make meeting places useful and attractive" - unknown

These words are a gist of our philosophy. As architects or artists of landscapes, we want to create beautiful and useful “masterpieces” that bring people together as a family, as a team, and as a community.  

  • Modern & Minimal Structures
  • Elegant  Elevations
  • Residential & Commercial
At AFA we strive hard to provide up to the mark, quality services regarding architecture, especially in small towns and areas, cut off from big cities because we believe that style and efficiency are an integral part of an architectural design and no one should miss out on them.  

It is our mission to make people realize that their dream home is not just a piece of the imagination but a reality that they can afford.

We plan to take this project to a point where we can redefine innovation and customization.

We have been working on such a project for some time and will soon accessible for all online. Space where an individual would be able to create a 3D visual of his/her home, room by room and decorate it then and there. Stay tuned for more updates.

Why afa

Thousands of reasons why but here are the prime ones.

Architect for All


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All our services are extremely cost-effective and we especially strive hard to make the best services affordable for every individual.

Whether a prince or a pauper, we design palaces, huts and everything in between with equal gusto.

We have been working in the field of architecture for the past several years and have always been dedicated to providing value for money to our clients.

Architect for All

Dedicated, Passionate and Experienced

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Dedicated, Passionate and Experienced


Our team of architects consists of individuals who are highly driven to their job. It is this drive which helps us excel in our work.

Our team members are passionate about every project and pay attention to every single detail. How each little corner translates your thoughts and lets your persona come through.

We have worked for individuals, organizations, government sectors, and high-end clients.

Our works are versatile and range from humble homes to extremely professional workspaces and eye-pleasing landscapes.

Architect for All

Quality is Equality

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Quality is Equality


Being a legal and general necessity, good quality architecture is a service which every individual deserves. We provide elegant and efficient floor plans and designs to one and all.

We serve in all areas whether rural, semi-urban or urban. However, AFA is an initiative to specially bring architecture to small towns so as to create beauty in places that are otherwise overlooked by one and all.

Architect for All

Architecture is a need (not luxury)

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Architecture is a need (not luxury)


As the spaces grow smaller architecture becomes more of a necessity. A good architect understands your personality and utilizes the available space to its full potential so as to build a house that you can call home.

This importance is realized only when one starts living in a well-planned space where every inch is put to use, a skill that finds a home in AFA.

Our Work Process

The basic workflow of our approach

  • The Concept

    We meet and discuss the project and your requirements. This helps us understand what you have conceptualized in your mind and what you expect from us.

  • The Structure

    As per your ideas and requirements, we analyze the basic elements of design and prepare a presentation drawing. This visualization of the concept is presented to you for approval.

  • The Blueprint

    The approved structure is now executed on paper to develop a complete plan covering all the basics like foundation details, floor plan, elevation, electricals, plumbing, drainage, flooring, color scheme and other factors.

Turn key

We also provide execution facilities as per your desire to ensure proper execution of the design and quality at every level of the construction process.

We have at our disposal skilled labours, high quality raw material and vast range of design.

All this is available to you at your doorstep for extremely comfortable and smooth flowing process.

To avail our Turn Key process, kindly fill up the form

Ar. Shivam Srivastava
Ar. Shivam is the founder of AFA. He got register AFA in 2013 in Jhansi. He has got experience of working with government bodies, individual residential and commercial project. He is working in more than 10 districts of uttar pradesh and other states as well. His vision towards design is quite different. He believes in maximum space utilisation with design impact. His Mechanical Architecture design process gives a complete mordern and live feel to the place.
Mukesh Kumar
Mukesh is co-founder member of AFA, He is giving his valuable service to AFA since 2013. He gives his useful vision on rural housing and cost effective efforts.
Shikha Srivastava

Shikha Srivastava has completed her M.S.W. (Master in Social Work) from Bundelkhand University, Jhansi in Year 2005. She has more than 15 years experience in Social Sector. And she provide us how architecture can bring a social change in society. 

Ar. Mohit Chordia
Associate Architect
Ar. Mohit is associated with us since 2013 and working on modern architecture and urban planning. He has done his B.Arch from SRM University, Chennai and M.Arch from ISAAC, Barcelona (Spain).
Ar. Nanthini S.R.
Associate Architect, Interior Designer
Ar. Nanthini is associated with us since 2014, She always comes with brilliant design ideas. She has a great balance in modern and traditional interior in modern houses.
Ar. Jagriti Anand

B. Arch

Sanaica Malhotra
Interior Designer

M. Des

Ruchi Singh
Office Manager


Prajeet Srivastava
3D Visualizer

Deploma in 3D Visualization 

Er. Dheeraj Kumar
Civil Engineer

B. Tech (Civil)

Ravi Singh
Site Supervisior

G-8, UGF, Leela Mansion, N K Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow.